Are you a struggling enterprise trying to bridge a leadership gap?
Need to analyze and improve processes and procedures as part of a growth strategy?
Want to access in-the-trenches experience without burdening payroll?

My name is David Barcomb, CEO FOR HIRE, and I am ready to help.
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Are you a struggling enterprise trying to bridge a leadership gap?

My name is David Barcomb
And I am ready to help

It’s easy to put together a business plan that looks good on paper. Executing that plan against real-world challenges is what separates successful businesses from the rest of the pack. You must be clear about what makes your company unique, develop a strategic competitive advantage and deliver value to your clients.

And, like even the best mountain climbers, you need an experienced guide.

Over the last 30 years, I have helped leaders at some of the finest companies in the world see and seize opportunity. I was in the trenches with US auto manufacturers to implement quality processes that helped them to turn the corner and compete against Asian bands. I’ve worked side-by-side with domestic manufacturers to expand while others retreated. And I have provided professional guidance to young teams, to provide stability, process and metrics as they pursue aggressive growth strategies.

As CEO FOR HIRE, I turn the sum of my experience into short-term professional engagements, custom-designed to meet the needs of enterprises seeking to supplement their on-staff expertise.

I invite you to review my resume. And then let’s have coffee!

“If you are serious about business growth, I encourage you to get to know Dave. Take him up on his offer to have coffee. He’s great listener who brings his many years of leadership experience to the table.”

– Lorraine Ferguson, Sandler Training Associate